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Medical Building Automation Systems

Advanced technology isn’t only beneficial in the operating room. Building automation systems for hospitals and medical facilities enable important cost savings that health care administrators seek and the security all patients and their families expect.

Implement building automation systems in your hospital or other medical facility by calling ACS at (913) 248-8828.


Building Automation Systems

Smart buildings aren’t just for schools and big businesses. As a medical facility, you have an expectation from patients and the community to utilize the latest technology in security and building management. Too much is at stake for you to not implement the latest building automation systems.

Temperature controls are critical when it comes to medical procedures, medical devices, and even patient care. Access control, video surveillance, lighting, HVAC units, and other building systems need to all be streamlined so that they may be easily managed and monitored. ACS can integrate building automation systems for medical facilities who want to offer patients the best care and security on the market. We’ll help you become a hospital your patients can trust.


Energy Management | Building Automation Systems

With such a large building to maintain, finding ways to save energy around your medical facility can be challenging; especially with a commitment to excellent patient care. Unplugging life-saving medical devices and equipment isn’t an option – but adjusting temperature and lighting in such a large facility is one way to cut costs and save energy. A building automation system connects all of the mechanical and lighting systems in your facility and can adjust based on preferred settings. Program lights to turn off when rooms are unused; set the temperature to adjust based on a room’s occupancy or requested temperature setting; schedule notifications for your maintenance team so that they know when a system needs repair. All of these features and more don’t only save energy, they make your hospital “smarter.”


HVAC Services | Building Automation Systems

It takes a smart HVAC system to heat and cool a hospital or medical facility. Providing the right system is the first step in properly regulating the temperature. Some patient rooms will need to be adjusted based on outside temperatures and kept at a comfortable setting. Other areas like operating rooms or storage rooms need to be kept cooler. ACS can help you create temperature zones for your hospital and install the equipment you need to keep your building comfortable and in proper working order. We can repair any HVAC system your hospital currently runs on – if you have an emergency please call us immediately. We also provide maintenance plans that help you budget for and avoid unexpected costs.


Video Surveillance | Building Automation Systems

Hospital security must involve video cameras that offer real-time and recorded video surveillance. ACS offers video surveillance for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. This isn’t only imperative when it comes to the security and safety of patients, it’s also a critical component of limiting hospital liability. Video cameras are especially needed in areas like birthing centers, ERs and trauma centers. With a large staff of physicians and nurses coming in and out on multiple shifts throughout the day and night, video surveillance is one way to monitor all activity in a hospital 24/7. We can integrate video systems for one floor, one wing, one main building, parking lots or several buildings that are all part of a large hospital system.


Access Control | Building Automation Systems

ACS offers access control products that don’t only restrict entry but also offer tracking and reporting. Access control around your hospital is one of the most critical ways to make your building smart and keep your patients safe. You may issue cards to hospital staff that dictate where there can go, and when they can go there. Cards may also be used to guard the med rooms on nursing floors and ensure waiting room visitors don’t wander hospital halls. ACS can recommend the best access control product based on your specific needs. We’ve worked with clients on single-door access, biometric access and even multi-campus facilities with many entry points. All access control products may be fully integrated into our building automation system.


Fire Systems | Building Automation Systems

Nobody wants to ever entertain the idea of a fire in a hospital, but it’s a necessary for building managers. ACS can ensure that you have a proper fire system in place in the event your medical facility has a fire emergency. We can provide you all of the tools you need to contain a fire and request immediate help. ACS can also perform the annual inspection of your fire system as required by the fire department.


Security | Building Automation Systems

Although a hospital is “open” 24/7, burglar alarms serve as a way to keep confidential data and equipment safe from theft and damage. Many hospitals have equipment like CT scan machines, scopes, X-rays, monitors and more that are worth thousands – if not millions – of dollars. In addition, hospitals always have a large supply of prescription drugs on-hand. ACS can set up an alarm system for you that deters individuals from breaking into your facility. A panic button can also protect your staff at the welcome desk and nurses on each floor in the event of a safety concern.


Intercom | Building Automation Systems

Hospitals and medical facilities use intercom systems in a variety of ways. Maternity areas and ICUs, for example, may use intercom systems in conjunction with access control. Visitors may identify themselves to staff via an intercom system before the doors or elevator floors are remotely unlocked. Intercoms may also be used around large hospital systems when guards must communicate to the main building and allow visitor access. Overhead intercom systems allow hospitals to make building-wide alerts. We can also help you install intercom tools that allow admitted patients to call and communicate with floor nurses.


Mass Notification | Building Automation Systems

Doctors aren’t the only ones who stay “on call” around a medical facility. The facilities and security teams must also always be ready to address any problems or concerns – and quickly. Mass notification tools from ACS allow team members to stay connected and receive building alerts from anywhere. Keep tabs on multiple buildings and areas through our smart products. We design smart buildings that communicate with you automatically should any problems or concerns arise.


Hospital Visitor Management | Building Automation Systems

Sophisticated visitor management systems let you know who is in your hospital at all times. This is critical when it comes to maintaining the security of each patient. There is always a high amount of foot traffic going in and out of the hospital which leaves room for security concerns. Provide your patients with the highest security measures by implementing visitor management systems. ACS can equip medical facilities and hospitals with all of the tools and software needed to implement a badging system that will keep your medical facility safe and secure.

Structured Cabling | Building Automation Systems

Even with some of the latest wireless technology hitting hospitals and medical facilities, there is still a large need for reliable networks and structured cabling. Our team can design the right network based on your needs. Patient rooms need wired for phones, TVs and nurse-patient communication. EMRs are also creating a need among medical facilities to wire each room for computers. Let ACS design your new building automation systems for new medical facilities, or let us improve or enhance your current cabling to keep up with the changes in medical technology.

Call ACS Smart Buildings today at (913) 248-8828 for a free consultation or information about our building automation systems!

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