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Smart Buildings | Mass Notification Emergency Alert Systems

The smarter your building infrastructure, the safer and more secure your people and assets are in any unforeseen emergency. Mass notification systems quickly and efficiently notify people on premises and off during an emergency. This is critical not only for those occupying your building or property, but also for emergency personnel, first responders and other critical constituents who need the information. ACS sells and installs state-of-the-art emergency alert system software that enables towns, communities, campuses and large buildings  to communicate quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. Preparedness is your best defense in an emergency and keeps you and your customers and employees feeling calm in the storm.

Mass Notification System | Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are designed to run on automation. Mass notification systems play an integral role in the efficient operation and overall security of your building and your business. A mass notification system is built to integrate with building technology to notify those inside and outside of the building that there is an emergency. Quick alerts let people know what action steps need to be taken, automatically. Worry and unpreparedness detract from best actions when seconds matter. A pre-programmed and automated alert system bypasses the frustration that can cost money, injuries and lives.

When ACS installs your mass notification system, you can depend on information being quickly and seamlessly transmitted to all who need to be notified about your situation. Some occasions that may require use an emergency alert system include:

• Tornado & other weather warnings and projections

• Fire

• Burglary, intrusion or personal safety risks among buildings and campuses

• Kidnapping or other threatening crimes

Building Security | Mass Notification

When any emergency event arises, a mass notification or emergency alert system will alert those inside and outside of the building about your emergency situation. Notifications may come in a variety of ways. Some of the communication methods may include (but are not limited to): phone calls, voicemails, texts, pages, tweets, Facebook updates, sirens, radio alerts, PA systems and more. The emergency alert system notification runs in real-time. Transmissions may be as frequently as needed.

Our expert system designers and installers are in the business of thinking of every contingency so you don’t have to. We integrate our knowledge and experience with the unique design of your building and business operaations. This makes sure, when emergencies arise, you can relay all of the information through a central, Internet-based program that allows you to send messages from a stationary control panel, or mobile system, as needed.

Call ACS Smart Buildings today at (913) 766-233​​6 for a free consultation!

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