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Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification Systems provide life-saving information to occupants of buildings and schools. These systems offer critical information, including active shooter alerts, child abductions, hazardous materials incidents, hostage situations, and severe weather warnings.

How Does ACS Work?

We will identify your needs and conduct evaluations of your building to set you on the right path. Consulting on your needs always free of charge at ACS.

After thoroughly understanding your concerns and studying your facility, we will design a system that fits your individual needs. 

ACS will help train and prepare your staff to test and utilize the system which can ultimately save lives and protect your facilities. ACS will continue to be there to help you with your training needs as your staff grows and your needs change. 

Building the Right Mass Notification System for You

Mass Notification Systems are complex and can seem very overwhelming when it comes to designing, installing and implementing them. ACS will ensure that this process is seamless for you. Our staff will not only design and install the system but also train you and your staff on the effective use of the Mass Notification System.

Get In Touch

We are ready to help you with your Mass Notification needs. Contact us with one of the links below and one of our certified staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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