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Mass Notification Systems Enhance Campus Safety

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Mass notification systems can make a big difference on educational campuses. Sadly, instances like Virginia Tech and Columbine have resulted in the need for increased security measures. And although mass notification systems can not always prevent tragedies like this from occurring, they have the potential help spare some lives and help with other safety measures, too. Summer is coming to a close and ACS has some ideas about how a mass notification system can be beneficial on educational campuses this school year.

Campus Crisis

In the event that another horrific on-campus crisis happens, it is essential that all campus personnel, students, and emergency responders are notified immediately. Alerting the on and off-campus community about these life threatening events helps keep those off campus away from danger and also prepares emergency personnel and those individuals on campus for the existing circumstances. Times of crisis call for swift and effective action. With a mass notification system that is customized to your specific needs, all parties that need to be contacted are able to be reached at one convenient time.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Educational campuses have always had a diverse student population, which often results in students traveling from different locations each school day. Sometimes, one part of town can have completely different weather than another area. Weather can change almost instantly, so when dangerous conditions like tornados, extreme wind or rain, and sleet or snow exist, it’s important to notify the campus community as soon as possible. Thankfully, mass notification systems are able to notify the campus community quickly, often preventing a commute in bad weather.


Since some students and staff travel long distances to school, it is critical to notify the campus community of any last minute school closings. Sometimes, unexpected meetings or construction takes place, and a mass notification system will help everyone keep up-to-date on the latest campus events that may change travel plans.

Before school starts back up, make sure your campus is equipped with a mass notification system. A mass notification system could help make this school year and those to come much safer and convenient for everyone on your campus.

For information about our mass notification systems, contact ACS at (913) 248-8828 today.

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