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Lost Your Keys? Maybe Access Control Is The Choice For You

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Access control can be a very important business tools for a variety of organizations. ACS helps large and small enterprises protect their employees, their assets and their property with controlled entrance, exit and internal movement.

If you have areas that require limited access a monitored control system can respond only to authorized employees or personnel. The system can even control the hours in which entrance is permitted.

Inventory protection is made easier with controlled access to storage areas which reduces employee theft or burglarly.

Access control systems can keep detailed records of entrance and exits to protect both employees and assets. Internal systems can also regulate who goes where.

Video surveillance combined with an access control system protects both employees and customers from potential violence or theft.

If you have high employee turnover or simply want to avoid dispensing keys and changing locks your answer is an access control system which can activate and de-activate access cards, implement biometric access or reprogram keypads.

If you have a small, medium or large business ACS Smart Building can add safety and security to building in a variety of ways. Your employees, customers and assets deserve the best protection you can offer and our reliable, dependable technologies make ACS the best choice for access control systems in the KC Metro area.

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