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Loss Prevention Tips for the Holidays

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Shoplifters and loss prevention are major concerns for retail businesses. What is already an enormous issue to deal with on a day to day basis can become an absolute nightmare during the holiday seasons, as more and more customers fill the store. Many large businesses have entire departments who are devoted to loss prevention and protecting the business from shoplifters. However, accomplishing this task can be harder for a smaller retail business and even more so during the excitement of the holiday season. Below you’ll find some loss prevention tips for the holidays to help you and your staff.

Loss Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Where are you most vulnerable?

If you want to catch a thief then you need to start thinking like a thief. Take the time to throughly research your floor layout. What items would you feel more comfortable at attempting to shoplift? Look for any items that are located in a spot where you could possibly tuck them in your purse or winter coat pockets without anybody noticing? If you think you could do it, a routine shoplifter is not even going to think twice before doing it. They will pocket the item and be gone without drawing an ounce of attention. Items that can be easily stolen need to be moved to a more conspicuous location.

CCTV Video Surveillance

This is the most important tool that can be used in your loss prevention strategy to stop shoplifters. Make sure that your cameras are not only keeping an eye on your shoppers but also your employees. A shoplifter doesn’t have to be a stranger off the street. They could also be a trusted employee right under your nose. CCTV Video Surveillance should not only be installed to monitor your products but also the cash registers.

Warning Signs for Shoplifters

While video surveillance can help to catch a shoplifter it doesn’t always prevent the event from taking place. A seasoned shoplifter most likely knows your video setup as well as you do. However, the first time shoplifter is more apt to take a chance a pocketing an item because they don’t realize the camera can see them. Although, you can later say that you have a physical record of the crime taking place, it doesn’t change the fact that those items walked out your door. Install signs as needed to remind shoppers that they are being recorded on video. This can help prevent a new shoplifter from making your store their first target.

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