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Looking to the Future: Automated System Possibilities

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The trends facing the automated building industry are rapidly expanding because it is an industry that is based on efficiency, which is the drive of every piece of technology built. Smart buildings will become increasingly more integrated through fluid tech and incorporate a more human-centric approach to building management. 

Advanced Machine Learning

Thanks to the power of parallel processing, access to massive data sets and highly-developed algorithms to feed them through, more intelligent devices and programs are being created because systems can learn and adapt their behavior. Institutions wanting to drive digital innovation can evaluate a number of business scenarios in which Artificial intelligence and machine learning could create specific business value and consider experimenting with variables and high-impact scenarios.

Interoperability of Buildings

Currently, buildings have stored technologies that control and monitor HVAC, lighting, etc. As the intelligent building industry expands these stand-alone systems will become integrated through common protocols, calling for a more seamless and efficient approach to automated building management.

Healthy Buildings

With technology imposing itself on us at every corner, the WELL Building Standard™ provides an approach to integrating advanced technology into buildings and business while keeping health and well-being of humans at the heart of the operation. Our habits and choices are shaped by our surroundings, so creating a space that enhances the health of employees with create a massive return on investment by increasing productivity and positivity.

Adaptive Security Architecture

Security has become fluid between the evolution of the intelligent technology platforms and application architectures means that security has to become adaptive. Security in the Internet of Things environment needs to merge application, solution and enterprise architects early in the process of designing applications or IoT solutions.  Multilayered security and user/entity behavior analytics will soon be a requirement for every enterprise.

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