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K-12 Schools – Building Automation Management & Security Systems

In order to properly educate future generations you must keep them safe. Advanced technology in building automation, access control, and security systems has revolutionized the way we protect our kids. The many school shooting incidents that have occurred over the years remind us of the need for school security. Violence, substance abuse, misbehavior and unauthorized visitors must be kept out of our schools in order to keep our children, teachers and staff safe.
Building automation and access control at K-12 schools doesn’t just involve implementing ID badges and cameras; the entire school building is designed to keep out distractions and maximize security. ACS doesn’t only provide technology to create a safe learning environment, we can also help you cut costs in a season when district budgets are tight with smart buildings and building automation technology.

Building Automation | K-12 Schools

School building management systems take organization and coordination, especially when there are multiple buildings located all throughout city limits. ACS works with school districts to automate K-12 schools. We implement integrated building management system technology that allows you to control multiple buildings and security systems through one remote location. We automate all systems in the building so that a single control panel can adjust a building’s temperature, lights, video surveillance, locks and more. This doesn’t only help save energy but it can also ensure all of your K-12 school buildings are secure.

Energy Management | K-12 Schools

Building management systems by ACS can save energy and money. A single control panel allows you to pre-program building settings that will run on automation. You can tell your systems when to use less energy based on occupancy or room vacancy. When your school is automated to know what time to kick on the HVAC or turn off the lights, you will conserve energy and lower utility bills.

HVAC Services | K-12 Schools

ACS works with many schools who need reliable HVAC services. Our team guarantees that with an ACS building management system managing your HVAC system, your school rooms and building will be kept at a consistent temperature all year long. Trust ACS to advise you on how to best heat and cool your school. Regulating a classroom’s temperature takes a different approach than heating or cooling a large open space like a gymnasium or auditorium. Let us help you choose the right-sized system based on your building. In the event your system isn’t working properly, we do service calls (we even have an emergency service plan) and can get any system back up and running before the bell rings.

Video Surveillance | K-12 Schools

Our most valuable assets are our children. Parents trust and expect the schools to keep kids safe. Never has there been a time when video surveillance around a school building was so important. Preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools all need reliable video surveillance. Video surveillance can monitor what’s occurring outside in areas such as parking lots and playgrounds. Cameras can also catch what happens inside the school entrances, exits and hallways. A building management system by ACS can make it simple and convenient to monitor multiple buildings and cameras through a single control panel. Video surveillance isn’t a luxury anymore – it’s an essential part of K-12 schools’ security systems to help keep our schools and our students safe.

Access Control | K-12 Schools

ACS can set up your school building management system access control. We integrate sophisticated systems that let you determine who enters your building, where they can go and when they can enter. If you ever need to go back and see who was in your building at a certain point in time, our software keeps a detailed record. In an age when school security is at an all-time high, access control by ACS lets you prevent unwanted intruders and outsiders wandering your hallways. Program your locks to unlock and relock at certain times of the day. Restrict access to areas and files in the school. Protect your students and teachers through access control systems from ACS.

Fire Systems | K-12 Schools

Each year the fire department requires an inspection of school building sprinkler systems. ACS performs inspections to ensure that in the event of a fire emergency, students and staff will be notified quickly and efficiently to avoid costly repairs and endangered lives. ACS will check to see if sprinklers are located in proper areas and if you have ample smoke detectors, lights, emergency doors, fire doors and fire extinguishers. We can also program your building management system access control so that in the event of an emergency, the fire department will have no problem gaining access into your school building (and not have to use an axe to get through the door.)

Security Systems | K-12 Schools

The movies may lead you to think that burglar alarm systems are important for preventing silly student pranks; however, in light of news headlines we know break-ins can pose a serious security threat to any school. Burglar alarms can notify you if anyone unauthorized enters your building. Prevent any plots, pranks or theft with a reliable alarm system for your school. ACS can repair any alarm system or install new security systems. Our building management system will make it simple to connect all building alarms and receive notifications quickly in the event a breach occurs.

Intercom | K-12 Schools

Anyone who grew up in a K-12 school knows how dependent schools are on communicating through intercom. Morning and afternoon announcements, along with bus arrivals, are frequently given through an intercom system. Intercoms may communicate to the entire school or even a single classroom. In addition to the overhead announcements, intercom systems are also installed outside and used as a way for the front desk to remotely unlock doors for identified visitors.

Visitor Management | K-12 Schools

Visitor management software enables you to know who is in your school building at all times. All schools have a consistent flow of visitors throughout the day. From parents eating lunch with students to guest speakers and those making deliveries – it’s important to always know who your visitors are, why they came and where they went. Our visitor management access control software can also generate reports that track building occupants in the event an incident occurs.

Mobile Video | K-12 Schools

To reduce liability and enhance safety, ACS offers mobile video services for school busses. Cameras on school busses record activity that takes place inside of the bus. In the event there is an incident, administrators can review the footage from the video camera to determine proper disciplinary decisions for students and/or bus drivers.

Secure your K-12 schools with building automation and building management systems by ACS in Leawood and the Kansas City area. Call (913) 248-8828 for a free quote.

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