Acs Smart Buildings

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Why a Building Inspection from ACS?

The building your business occupies and the people and equipment it shelters are major assets that aid in the creation of your business’s bottom line. Regular building inspections are a step in the right direction of securing your business, your employees, and your property. A professional building inspection by ACS is a great way to identify any problems within the premises and to prevent problems in the future. Inspections often uncover and help you identify small problems that have the potential to become large problems in the future.

ACS building inspections also provide the opportunity to consider ways of proactively updating your building and physical infrastructure to optimize safety, security and other important functions. A building inspection by ACS  is an important piece of information about the condition of your business. Your operations are only as reliable as the premises in which you conduct them.

Schedule a building inspection with ACS. Call (888)265-2773.

Trusted Services by ACS

When you request a building inspection from Automated Control Systems, you are being proactive, and setting the stage for preventing problems that might otherwise occur, improving opportunities for regular maintenance, and above all, setting the stage for peace of mind. Our inspection services start with a physical visit to the property. We visually inspect building structures and test equipment to determine operating condition and efficiency. Our reports to property managers help keep them informed about the condition and functionality of all mechanical systems within a building. This also extends the life of your building infrastructure, and equipment units preventing any lost security or comfort from an unexpected failure.

Pre-Inspections by ACS Before Municipality Inspections

ACS can do away with unpleasant and costly surprises by performing an inspection of your building, grounds and equipment before a city, municipality or other agency assigns an inspector to the property. In many cities, property inspectors routinely visit public buildings to ensure they are compliant with city codes and safe for occupancy. Call ACS to do “the inspection before the inspection.” We will let you know about what parts of your building or infrastructure are out of compliance with current codes. Acting ahead of time keeps your business free from codes enforcement actions, fines and citations.

Call ACS today. We will perform a building inspection and identify any areas of your building that will not meet code or pass inspection. We’ll let you know about the red flags before the enforcement inspectors do — saving you time, money and headaches..

Automated Control Systems Building Inspection includes all of the following:

  • If your building is compliant with all codes and regulations.
  • Your HVAC system’s performance and safety
  • All electrical and mechanical systems in the building
  • Burglar and fire alarms
  • Building controls
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance

Stay one step ahead of emergencies and disasters by scheduling a building inspection with ACS!

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