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Improving Hospital Security with Access Control

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Hospitals are busy places with important work to do. We rely on our hospitals to provide life-saving medical services and compassionate care 24/7. However, hospital staff are responsible for much more than medical care. Hospitals are complex working systems that require security, system management, organization, and much more. When it comes to improving the safety of hospitals for patients and staff, one of the best investments a hospital can make is with an access control system.

Access Control Visitor Management System

A proper visitor management system is crucial to hospital security. Letting visitors move completely freely through hospital corridors without identification can be a gateway to potentially dangerous individuals gaining access to records, patients, and unathorized areas of the building. The visitor management system could include visitor registration, badge or identification assignment, and tracking within the building.

Video Surveillance for Hospitals

Video surveillance devices add an essential element to hospital security. If an incident occurs, video surveillance is useful in looking back to gather evidence about how the incident occured and who was involved. For example, if a child patient is abducted from a hospital, video surveillance can help to reveal the perpetrator and help the authorities recover the child. Video surveillance can also help to prevent crimes from occuring, as potential intruders know that they are being watched.

Effective Security Systems

A modern and comprehensive security system is another important aspect of hospital security. Ensuring that all security and alarm systems are up-to-date and working properly will help to keep your building secure and prevent intrusions into unauthorized areas..

Effective Access Control for Your Building

Call ACS today in the Kansas City area at (913) 248-8828. We can help equip your hospital or other building with an effective access control system to keep your staff and patients safe.

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