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Improve School Safety With These Features

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Many school districts are looking for ways to make their campuses safer without interfering with learning. It’s not easy, but more officials are leaning toward the installation of safety devices like an intercom system and video surveillance. These measures and others can mean fewer worries for parents.

Here are some of the components that Automated Control Systems recommends for educational facilities looking to up the security of their premises.

Making Campus Safer With Automated Control Systems

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can improve school safety significantly. With high tech video surveillance systems, security personnel are able to see fights as they occur. Moreover, the video surveillance can help uncover potential threats before they become a bigger problem. The ability to review the tape captured by video surveillance is also enormously helpful when it comes to getting to the bottom of what happened in a particular situation. Video surveillance equipment can be installed in every part of a school campus with relative ease, making it a solid choice for most districts.

2. Intercom System

An intercom system can hold a great deal of value for schools at any grade level. There is no faster way than an intercom system to get the word out about a fire or other hazard. A good quality intercom system is an excellent means for letting students know about imminent danger and how to respond. With a good design it’s easy to install an intercom system so that it reaches even the most out of the way corners of the campus.

3. Fire Systems

There’s simply no substitute for a functional, high tech fire system, making them an essential component for school safety. When lives are on the line and every second counts, it’s the fire system that matters most. The latest models feature audio and visual cues that are impossible to miss and easy to understand. Many of these systems can automatically contact emergency personnel so that response times are significantly reduced.

4. Integrated Security Systems

The latest innovations include video surveillance, an intercom system and a fire alarm in one package. This streamlined approach may be the best way to ensure safety no matter what circumstances arise.

Ensure School Safety With Automated Control Systems

ACS can help Kansas City educational facilities upgrade security systems to ensure school safety. As integrators of video surveillance, intercoms, fire sysyems, and integrated security systems, we have the comprehensive skill set needed to keep your students safe.

To learn more about our services and their applications on your campus, call (913) 248-8828 today.

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