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Importance of HVAC maintenance

 In HVAC System

Many of the homeowners do not understand the importance of HVAC maintenance. A HVAC system is made up of cooling and heating equipment which requires regular servicing to prevent any unexpected breakdowns. This is especially true during peak usage and can lengthen the life of the equipment. Homeowners should understand that the cost of HVAC maintenance is much lower compared to replacing the equipment or an urgent service call during peak seasons.

HVAC maintenance

Similar to cars, it is cheaper to have a scheduled oil change rather than a complete replacement of an engine. In preparation for the upcoming season, maintenance should be performed on the HVAC units to determine whether there are any parts or units that require maintenance.

When a HVAC system is not maintained, it reduces its efficiency in operation and this increases your cooling bills. You can expect to pay higher utility bills due to the faulty HVAC system. A HVAC system has a life span of about 10-25 years but without regular maintenance this lifespan will be significantly reduced.

Before your HVAC system breaks down, it unavoidably and silently loses its efficiency and this will require more money and energy to keep you comfortable. Some of the problems that are most likely to show up in your system include:

  • Faulty electrical connections. With time electrical connection loosen causing unsafe operation of the system therefore reducing the life of the main parts.
  • Too much friction being caused by the parts. When the system is not lubricated, there is too much friction between parts causing wear and tear. It also increases the amount of electricity consumed.
  • Clogged condensate line. A drain line that is plugged affects the humidity levels in the house and can cause damage to the house.

Others include: Dirty air filter, restricted vent, improper combustion air, inefficient, old equipment, split system equipment that are mismatched, (heat pumps)refrigerant restriction, Improper burner adjustment, Insufficient air flow in the condenser coil (heat pumps), Improperly sized equipment and Insufficient air flow in the duct system.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will save you money— both now and in the long-run. ACS offers direct digital control to save time and maximize efficiency, as long as you don’t neglect it! Sign up for our preventative maintenance plan at (913) 248-8828.

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