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Implementations of CCTV

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Closed-circuit television, aka video surveillance, has always been under debate, either people are all for it or they see it as an invasion of privacy. There is no way around them anymore, whether you feel safer with them around or not they are everywhere.

How is CCTV Used for Surveillance?

Not all CCTV is equal. It seems like cameras are always watching and waiting to report your every move. Some are, like traffic cameras that catch violations and parking lot monitoring. But most importantly, cameras are around to help us feel safe. As much as they help fight crime, they help prevent it. Just the suggestion of a camera, even if it doesn’t work, can deter criminals.

Best Business Uses

Monitoring employees to secure goods or record information could be a great idea for your business. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust your employees, it is just a way you can record accurate data about sales and time use. A more detailed list of what what you could use security cameras in your business for are as follows,


  • Scanning and selection of products, including price and quantity
  • Input and output in your system when entering passwords by operator
  • Modification or deletion of operations and documents
  • New implementations of operations, like financial statements
  • Moving, counting or revaluation of goods
  • In the kitchens of fast food restaurants
  • Changing settings, reports or other official functions



School Safety

Installing cameras in common hallways and exteriors of schools has become a standard safety measure. Cameras can help prevent and clarify issues such as,


  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Maintaining records
  • Monitoring visitors



Other CCTV Uses

Cameras are used at sporting events to keep you up to date when you are away from your seat. So, when you are impatiently waiting in line for popcorn or using the restroom you can stay caught up on the action. Train and subway operators may use cameras to make sure doors are clear before using an automated control to close them.

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