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How to Prevent Shoplifting

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Shoplifting can cost a retailer a lot of money if it is not prevented. Shoplifters work in groups and they may be of any age or gender, any economic background or from any ethnicity. They work in pairs in order to ensure that they have diverted the attention of the clerk when they are stealing. They have tendencies of striking when employees are not aware especially during opening and closing times, shift changes and during lunch and dinner time breaks. Here are some of the protective measures retailers can put in place to prevent shoplifting.

How to Prevent Shoplifting

  • Ensure that you have elevated the platform of the cashier to make shoplifters feel that they are being watched. Install some mirrors that will help the sales people and the cashier to see around the displays. Install a glass that is one-way in the offices for employees to see into the store without them being seen from the floor.
  • Install video surveillance cameras that will help to cover the cash registers, entrances, high value merchandise displays and loading docks. Put in place software that will sound an alarm in case of any suspicious activity that may occur. Have monitors mounted on the wall to show live video at the entrance to create awareness to shoppers that they will be under surveillance while shopping.
  • Make sure that you have posted some signs that warn against shoplifting and emphasize that you will prosecute any shoplifter. The best place to post these signs are on restroom entrances and doors which exit the building.
  • Ensure that you ask for receipts for any merchandise that may be returned for cash. In case there is no receipt for the merchandise returns, then ask for a photo ID and signature.
  • Take the inventory of all returned merchandise against the receipts on the regular basis in order to catch false returns.

Some of the displaying strategies a retailer can put in place are;

  • Keep the display away from the entrance and exists to avoid hit and run thieves.
  • Take weekly or daily inventories of those items that are expensive.
  • Arrange your merchandise neatly so that you can detect the missing item easily.
  • Put your top merchandise in protective display cases with locked doors.
  • Ensure that small and expensive items are out of reach and let the sales people show one item at a time.

You can also train your sales people to;

  • Keep an eye on people with baggy clothing or large bags that can conceal merchandise easily.
  • Be aware of the tactics used by the shoplifters to distract you.
  • Be more attentive to the people surrounding them.
  • Be alert when the store is crowded.

In case you suspect that somebody has an intention of shoplifting something, don’t estate to approach this person and ask him or her “do you need any help?”. In case someone goes without paying for the merchandise, let an employee follow the person and get the description of the suspect and the vehicle used. Call to report the crime.

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