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How Technology Can Affect Politics

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Technology has had a massive effect on American politics since the founding of the Republic when newspapers related the major events of the day and carried the messages of politicians to the people. That effect has grown with the ensuing decades. Today, technology is more sophisticated than ever, which means that the impact it has on politics is only going to increase.

The Growing Influence of Technology

Newspapers, and to a lesser extent magazines, remained the major source of political information through the 20th century. However, newer forms of technology began to diversify the choices Americans had for staying up-to-date on politics. Franklin D. Roosevelt harnessed the power of radio in the 1930s to give hope to millions of people reeling from the effects of the Great Depression. John F. Kennedy ensured his place in history when he made triumphant use of television in the first presidential debate that was brought to the people via the technology in their homes.

Not Politics as Usual

Technology stretches beyond radio and television now, and it is often the candidates who can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developments that end up succeeding in politics. This was evident with President Obama’s first campaign used online contributions to help fund his efforts. Since then, social media has grown in leaps and bounds, making politics more interactive as people and politicians have more available avenues for conversing.

Wise to Be Wary

In an age where technology enables everyone to carry a smart phone that’s capable of taking photographs and recording video, it is wise for those in politics to be ever vigilant. That’s because every look and word is likely to be replayed and dissected to an extraordinary degree. However, this also makes it easier for the people to hold politicians accountable.

Technology is constantly growing and affecting different aspects of our lives. To learn about smart technology and how it can change your world, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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