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How Sports Stadiums are Getting Smart

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The excitement and energy of attending a major sporting event in person is always infectious. Smart technology is now aiming at making sports stadiums more fun and interactive for fans everywhere.

Upgrading Sports Stadiums

Smart technology is revolutionizing the way people attend sporting events. The NFL has already instituted standards for providing cell phone coverage and WiFi access for audiences. This means that fans can more easily update their fantasy league stats or share photos than they previously could.

Smart Technology Goes Beyond WiFi

Of course, sports stadiums aren’t drawing the line at offering better connectivity. Many smart technology companies are developing various apps that will make the experience in sports stadiums more exciting and interactive than ever before. In fact, visionaries think that many of the headaches associated with attending an event with tens of thousands of other people will be eliminated with smart technology.

Help With Parking

One of the biggest frustrations for anyone attending an event at sports stadiums is finding a place to park. On the horizon now is a mobile app that displays the closest available parking spaces and tells users which lots are already full. Another app would let fans order food using their tablet or cell phone. The food is then delivered to the customer’s seat, doing away with the need to stand in line at the concession stand. Another useful feature would suggest which restroom line is the shortest.

Better Visibility

Smart technology will also make events at sports stadiums more enjoyable for attendees regardless of where they are seated. New apps are being developed that will make it possible for users to generate their own instant replays or get an alternate view of the action. Fans will be able to feel like they are involved in the game like never before.

Smart technology is expanding its horizons, and sports stadiums will soon be transformed into an entirely new format. To learn more about smart building technology, contact ACS for a free consultation by calling (913) 248-8828, or contact us via our online form.

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