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How Smart Hospitals Will Better Serve Patients

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Being in the hospital is frustrating enough without all the hassles involved with waiting rooms, slow lines and out-of-date information. Smart hospitals are creating a full-access experience between patients, doctors and researchers so that patient care is always paramount.

Medical Portals

Web-based portals for connection between doctors and patients, including secure 24/7 access to medical records, billing, scheduling and more are a large core focus of smart hospitals. The portals will unite patients with doctors, creating a more efficient and effective way for patients to get treatment information and for doctors and researchers to get up-to-date research.

Kiosks & Connective Furniture

Being in the hospital isn’t fun for anyone, kiosks and connective furniture are made to minimize the frustrations and anxiety of waiting. Check-in kiosks are designed to reduce patient congestion when registering, or if the patient pre-registers online they can simply scan their phone or print-out at the kiosk. Connective furniture serves for patients and family members in waiting rooms to connect their mobile devices for entertainment, health information, and to make appointments and payments.

Education Centers

Patients will use these areas to learn about how to care for themselves and manage their conditions. Patients will also be connected to the newest technology and information related to their conditions. Doctors will be able to draw data from these centers to monitor health and send reports or alerts to the patient.

There are many more ways in which hospitals are becoming “smart,” other systems include hybrid exam and consult rooms, telemedicine and EMR scanning rooms, as well as enhanced security features. All in all, the hospital would be creating a Internet of Healthcare Things to keep everyone involved fully informed at every step.

To learn about smart technology or for more information about building smarthospitals, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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