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How Robotics is Changing the Healthcare Industry

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Today, the majority of healthcare industry procedures are performed by human doctors. This may evolve as robotics become more affordable and accessible. In fact, robotics has already had an enormous impact on the healthcare industry, and this impact is expected to increase.

The Current State of Robotics in the Healthcare Industry

The FDA approved the use of the da Vinci Surgical System in 2000. Surgeons operate the robotics system using a joystick. Accordingly, the da Vinci does not replace a human surgeon, nor is it automated. This makes it a remote tool that augments the capabilities of the human operator.

Technological Innovations Expand the Possibilities

Scientists and researchers around the world are looking for more ways that robotics can be used to improve patient outcomes in the healthcare industry. It’s possible that these innovations will lead to robotics autonomy in the operating room. One of the most promising robotics inventions from a healthcare industry standpoint is a robot-guided bone cutting device that is more precise, damages less soft tissue and leads to faster healing rates. As this technology develops, it’s likely to benefit patient outcomes.

From Saving Lives to Transplanting Hair

While many healthcare industry applications for robotics are aimed at saving lives, others are used to transplant hair. People dealing with hair loss may seek a treatment with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System. The process is less painful, does away with the potential for scarring and even ensures rapid healing. Scientists are likely to use the lessons learned in the development of the ARTAS to fuel innovation in other areas, leading to greater reliance on robotics within the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is one that thrives on technological advancements. It seems certain that robotics will continue to have a positive effect on the field for many decades.

Technology is constantly growing and affecting different aspects of our lives. To learn about smart technology and how it can change your world, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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