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How Can Building Management Systems Help In Case of Fire?

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From fires to floods to thefts to pests, there is a lot that can go wrong with your business. Take steps to prevent one of the most dangerous problems of all–fire–with a building management system. Here are four ways a building management system can help you in case of a fire.

Benefits of a Building Management System in a Fire


1. Notify You of Potential Problems

While some fires are impossible to foresee, others can be prevented by paying closer attention to the condition of your electrical systems. With a building management system, you can be alerted right away if one of your systems begins to overheat or malfunction, so you can take the necessary steps before a fire breaks out.

2. Sound the Alarm

Once a fire breaks out, you want any employees out of the building as soon as possible. A building management system can quickly detect problems and sound the alarm, letting everyone know to evacuate. Because these systems go throughout your entire building, they let the whole building know quickly, not just those employees who are near the fire.

3. Turn on the Sprinklers

After your employees are safe, the next thing you need to worry about is keeping all of your merchandise from being destroyed. A building management system will also set off the sprinklers in case of fire, helping to stop the fire or at least keep it under control until the firefighters can arrive.

4. Alert Emergency Personnel

It won’t take long for the emergency personnel to show up, either. With a building management system in place, the system will immediately notify the emergency personnel, allowing them to show up on the scene more quickly and for less of your merchandise to be damaged.

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