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How Building Automation May Help in a Natural Disaster or Storm

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Natural disasters and major storms can happen in anywhere. They can cause serious disruptions to business operations and put the lives of employees at risk.

That is just one of the reasons why an increasing number of organizations are turning to building automation. Not only does a building automation system enhance efficiency and security during normal operations, but also it can mean being able to operate safely under the worst conditions.

Here’s how building automation systems could help your commercial property in the event of an emergency.

Protect Your Business in a Storm or Natural Disaster With Building Automation Systems

Safety Systems

Certain safety systems can be integrated into any building automation design. For instance, an emergency situation might trigger an alarm. With audible and visible alarms, which may include specific voice commands, occupants in a structure with a building automation system will know precisely how to respond. The safety systems kick in immediately, giving personnel a chance to exit the building as safely as possible.

Fire Control

A fire in a high rise is always going to be terrifying, but with building automation, there is a much greater chance of people making it out alive. Within the building automation design several fire zones will be designated. When smoke and flames are detected the system can funnel fresh air into areas like stairwells so that escaping personnel won’t be overcome.

Building automation systems can also remotely close fire doors to keep the flames from spreading. The automation system can even execute fire suppression tools and find ways to provide better ventilation to locations where people might be waiting out an emergency.

Elevator Control

When a structure operates with a building automation system, it can be programmed to return elevators immediately to the lobby so that firefighters have access to them. It is also possible to program elevators not to stop on floors where a fire alarm has been triggered.

Implementing Building Automation Systems With ACS

Natural disasters can happen at any time. Your business can better be prepared with building automation systems. Automated Control Systems of Overland Park, KS can help your business integrate building automation systems to reduce liability and increase safety.

For more information about our building automation systems, call (913) 248-8828.

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