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How Big Data Software Tools Can Help Businesses

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Big data software is becoming a huge part of the building automation and smart buildings industry. Data analytics help to track areas of energy inefficiency in building systems and help business implement better systems. The energy management systems industry is already worth billions of dollars and is only expected to grow in the next few years. Big data tools are working with building automation systems to reduce energy consumption and improve the way we use our buildings. Here’s how:

Cost Savings & Sustainability Can Work Together

Often when we think of sustainability, implementing sustainable features seems to come at a cost. It takes an initial investment of money and resources in order to achieve better sustainability in the first place. As much as a business or individual may want to become more energy-efficient and sustainable, the bottom line is that the majority will only do so if they can expect a satisfactory ROI. The number one priority for most business owners is finding ways to reduce operating costs. They are also often under pressure to meet corporate or federal sustainability and energy use targets. However, sustainability does not have to come at the expense of raising operating costs. After a starting investment, big data tools help to pay back in the long run with decreased energy use and lower bills.

Measuring Costs Across the Board

While implementing more sustainable technologies might increase initial costs, businesses see savings in the long run. When measuring the ROI on big data software investments, there’s much more to look at the simply the utility bills. Savings can run deep into infrastructure costs–more sustainable technologies equates to longer-lasting infrastructures–and to government fees. Taxes can sometimes be decreased by implementing the right technology or sustainable tools. Companies may be rewarded by government agencies for becoming more energy-efficient with smart building automation and software, which is an additional bonus.

Factor in the People

Investing in the right software and smart building tools also affect the people involved in businesses, from employees to customers. Employees want to work for businesses that take care of their people and their buildings. Customers want to work with businesses that are forward thinking and committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings and technologies. Implementing big data software that integrates with building automation systems also makes the buildings themselves more comfortable. These systems make it easier to maintain a comfortable environment in terms of heating and cooling, and they even learn individual preferences in order to automatically adjust to the right temperatures.

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