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How a Smart Building Can Save Your Business Money

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When it comes to selecting a commercial space for your business, your primary concerns are probably ensuring that the building has enough room to meet your business’ needs — and that the price doesn’t far exceed your budget. But have you considered how a smart building can be a great long-term investment for your business?

Aside from eco-friendliness and technological integration, a smart building has so much to offer your business, including major cost savings. Not sure how the monetary benefits of a smart building add up? Read on to learn more about how a smart building can save your business money.

Saving Money With a Smart Building

Lower Energy Costs

Although a fully-equipped smart building might cost more up-front, in just 3-4 years you should see a return on your investment with energy savings. Depending on the technologies included in your smart building, you’ll save 5 – 40% on your energy bills. How is this savings possible? A smart building will help your business best manage your HVAC systems and lighting, which are the top two energy-consuming systems in commercial properties. In a smart building, the zones of your property are monitored and the HVAC and lighting systems are adjusted accordingly to maintain comfort yet minimize energy use. Living up to its name, a smart building can even detect when parts of your property are unoccupied, then remotely turn off your lights.

Increased Security

A smart building can effectively protect your business, saving you from financial losses. Because your smart building can be programmed to turn off lights and lock doors at closing, you can save costs on a security team and rest easy knowing that your property is protected. Plus, your smart building can turn on your parking lot lights as well as your indoor and outdoor security cameras, which will deter theft and vandalism. If a breach occurs, a security-equipped smart building can alter the necessary security personnel, allowing them to respond more quickly. The peace of mind provided by a smart building is invaluable — not to mention the prevented financial losses in terms of stolen inventory or property damage!

Increased Property Values

Upgrading your current commercial property to a smart building will also up the property value, making it more profitable should you ever decide to sell or lease out your space. A smart building has a higher property value because of its proven cost-savings over the long run. Although you may not intend to sell your commercial property anytime soon, you can’t predict if business growth will require you to need a bigger space. Investing in a smart building now could mean making more when selling or renting out your property down the line.

To learn more about how a smart building can benefit your business, including cost savings, call the smart building experts at Automated Control Systems today at (913) 248-8828.

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