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Building Automation & Management Systems | Smart Buildings

ACS has been serving the Kansas City area for over 30 years. We’re building professionals who specialize in making buildings “come alive” with smart building management systems. We implement smart products and access control to keep buildings running smoothly and efficiently, and we offer smart services that allow our clients to avoid breakdowns in communication, security and comfort. When ACS is on the job, you can trust it will be done efficiently and effectively.

We have many long-standing clients who rely upon us for a variety of building maintenance needs in a wide array of industries. We’ve worked with schools, hospitals, commercial properties, retail stores and more to manage buildings and make them smarter. We can install any feature a building needs – from mass notification systems, access control products, and HD video surveillance to HVAC and lighting features. Our long-standing experience and knowledge in building security also allow us to communicate with IT staff and work together to implement building automated with top-of-the-line access control products.

Learn More About ACS and Building Automation

Call ACS at (913) 248-8828 to find out more about our services and learn how our automation and access control products can improve your home or building. For our individual products to purchase visit

What is Automation?

Great sports teams and Fortune 500 companies alike know the value of good teamwork. When multiple components come together toward a common goal, success is found through collaboration. An integrated building management system is a form of creating a team within your building. Each security feature has its own role, however, it can be programmed to work with the others to optimize safety, security and cost savings. ACS specializes in building automation systems. Building automation companies help simplify the lives of business owners and property managers. We can program your HVAC, lights, access control, and video surveillance to work together and be managed through a streamlined system that can be accessed from the office or on the go.

Integrated Building Management System | What is Access Control?

Access control is an integral part of the safety and security of your building. Access control systems work to keep building occupants and confidential data safe with an integrated building management system. At ACS, our network engineers can easily integrate access control to work with the rest of your building automation system. Our software makes access control simple to manage and maintain. Some access control features include passwords, pins, key fobs, and biometric entry.

Access Control Systems | CCTV Services 

Securing your property is easy when you trust an access control system that thinks and acts intuitively. That’s what you get when you trust our team to create a CCTV system for your space. ACS integrates surveillance cameras that allow live streaming of footage, the ability to record only when motion is detected, to schedule recording times, to access all footage through online web streaming, and to access a constant backup through cloud storage.

Smart Building & Building Automation

Making your building a smart building achieves many purposes and goals. Building owners and property managers rely on smart buildings and building automation technology for security. When state-of-the-art video surveillance and access control systems are installed, every building is more secure, and you can feel safe knowing that all building systems are under control. A smart building also allows for energy efficiency and cost savings. When your HVAC unit kicks on or off based on building occupancy, or lights turn off because someone left a room, you don’t only save money but you also conserve environmental resources. Trusting automation companies to make your building “smart” with building management systems is one way to “go green,” because they conserve natural resources and use less energy.

Smart Products & Building Management Systems

ACS is the leading expert in smart building automation in the Kansas City area. We integrate a line of trusted smart products and access control systems that have kept our clients safe, secure and happy for many years. Our products may be integrated into new construction. We are also skilled at integrating new systems with existing hardware. Smart products fit into your life. Whether you work from a control room or need access to a building via your smartphone, email or tablet – we can integrate the right solutions for you so that you’re always connected and ready to respond.

Smart Building Services

ACS has a trusted reputation in the area for providing excellent building automation and management services to our clients. In addition to building security, we oversee, manage and maintain commercial-use HVAC systems. As one unique company among several building automation companies, our services range from HVAC service calls, maintenance and upkeep on HVAC units for multi-building campuses, and even inspections and installs on all types of utility systems. Trust ACS to care for your building.

Certified Services

ACS is pleased to announce that Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) has issued ACS a Certificate of Compliance for alarm systems and installation of fire safety equipment. With this certificate, you can be assured that ACS is a trusted source for signal and fire alarm equipment services. It is our promise that your system will be installed, maintained, tested and monitored in accordance with UL’s codes and standards. For more information about our certification please read ACS Receives UL Certificate of Compliance.

Want to Learn More? Find us on Google+ or Facebook, or call today at (913)248-8828 to learn more about our building automation and building management systems that can improve your integrated building management system and access control security. For self-service section visit

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