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Governmental agencies have worked in recent years to put out new energy iniatives aimed at decreasing our use of energy and utilizing cleaner energy source. These initiatives are largely due to increased awareness about the amount of energy we use and its negative impact on the environment. Initiatives like these are quickly gaining support on an international level, but businesses often find it challenging to figure out how to adjust to meet new energy goals.

The Better Buildings Initiative

The Better Buildings Initiative is a federal energy usage initiative that proposed a challenge for businesses, universities, and state and local government leaders to meet several goals. These goals include 20% in energy savings over a period of ten years. Organizations and companies alike have taken up the challenge, and the federal government has also committed to leading by example. The federal government set a goal for itself to reach by 2025. The goal includes a 40% reduction in GHG emissions, 30% increase in the use of renewable electricity, and improving building efficiency by 25%.

How ACS Helps Companies Meet New Energy Efficiency Standards

Recent state and federal building initiatives and requirements aimed at improving energy efficiency have a noble goal, but the reality is that many businesses struggle to keep up with the often stringent demands. ACS provides smart building and building automation technology that helps businesses become more energy efficient. In addition, we perform building inspections to see if your building is compliant with all city and federal codes and regulations and if your HVAC system is performing safety efficiently.

ACS is proud to help businesses achieve better energy efficiency standards for their windows in order to comply with new energy initiatives. Call ACS today at (913) 248-8828 to learn how we can help your business into the future.

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