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We know user experience is important to your satisfaction so we want to make sure you get the best possible. For a limited time, ACS is giving you the DMP Virtual Keypad for free. The Virtual Keypad offers remote access to your security system, camera system, and building controls all from smartphone or tablet device. Just give us your email and we will have a customer service representative set up your app today.

The DMP Virtual Keypad 5.0

Arm and Unarm your system from your smartphone or tablet devices. Forget to arm your system or not sure if you did? A quick pull up of the Virtual Keypad will let you know if the system is armed and allow you to arm it from miles away.
Get alerts anywhere on your phone or tablet letting you know your system has gone into alarm. If you have cameras set up at the house then get visual confirmation of the house. Let the system know if it is a false alarm making sure the authorities do not respond to a false alarm
Integrate your entire system cameras, thermostat, and lights for complete control with a couple touches on your phone or tablet. The Virtual Keypad can save you money on electrical bills allowing you to keep your building or house cooler or warmer while away. You can even set schedules from the application so that while occupied is the perect tempurature but while vacant saves you dollars.
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