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Four Latest Advancements in CCTV Technology


While the purpose of CCTV surveillance hasn’t changed much over the years–to keep businesses and customers safe and to prevent damages and losses–the technology that business owners are using certainly has. CCTVs have already come a long ways from the first models, and the technology is only expected to improve. Here are four new improvements that CCTV users can expect to see in the near future.

Newest Trends in CCTV

1. High Definition Screens

On the very first analog CCTVs, the picture quality was very poor. Even if business owners could see the person commit the crime, they couldn’t always see who the person was. Now, business owners can purchase high definition digital CCTVs so the images they see are much clearer and more recognizable.

2. Real-Time Response

With the first CCTVs, police and business owners were only able to catch criminals after they watched the tapes hours later. By this time, the crime was already committed and the thief could easily be long gone. The latest CCTVs solve this problem with real-time response capabilities. This way, police and business owners can monitor the feeds in real time so any crimes are lessened in severity or even prevented altogether.

3. Facial Recognition Software

The latest CCTV technology now includes facial recognition with the ability to compare an individual’s face with every catalogued face in America in less than 10 seconds. This amazing break-through will allow police to find and identify criminals much faster, keeping criminals off the street and the American people safer.

4. Stimuli-triggered Surveillance

Lastly, people and businesses can now purchase stimuli-triggered surveillance systems. Instead of only recording one set area or needing to record 24 hours a day in order to catch any activities, they new CCTVs will be able to move or turn on in response to certain stimuli, such as movement.

While these latest advancements may still be too expensive for the average business owner, it won’t be long until the technology becomes widespread enough that everyone has it.

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