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Four Key Pieces in an Automated Building Control System

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When a building management system is most efficient and effective is when the building’s operations and security systems are streamlined. You don’t even have to be a big business in a huge building, small businesses get the same benefits as larger ones. Time and resources that would otherwise be tied up in managing each piece separately can be allocated for other areas. A few of the essential units that works together to create one cohesive system are as follows:

Temperature Settings

Maximize your energy efficiency through controlled temperature settings. Every fluctuation in the temperature outdoors will be managed automatically to keep it comfortable indoors. The fluctuation in temperature may be outdoors but it certainly won’t be reflected in your energy bill.


Employee safety is the utmost importance to your business. Alarms added to your building automation will alert employees over a mass notification system of any potential safety or security risks. If you have CCTV installed, you can watch in real time what is happening outside or in your office at all times to make sure everyone is safe.

Lighting Control

When any lights are on, your energy costs will keep rising. It might be necessary to keep some lights on but for those areas where they aren’t needed 24/7, putting them on a timer system or motion sensor will control your costs better.


Conveniently schedule systems through the main building management system through one easy-to-use control panel. You can set everything specifically to you and your employees circumstances and preferences. It is a seamless way to integrate everything together and you can manage it wherever you are, even if you are out of the office.

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