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Four Best Practices for Using a CCTV While Respecting Others’ Privacy


As CCTV use is becoming more and more common in both home and business settings, some people have become quite concerned about everyone’s privacy rights. While there aren’t clear cut laws that prevent homeowners and business owners from using CCTVs, it is still in everyone’s best interest that they use them appropriately. If you have or plan to have a CCTV on your property, here are four best practices you should follow.

CCTV and Privacy: What You Need to Know


1. Install Your CCTV for the Right Purpose

Before you install a CCTV, consider your motives or purpose. For example, are you hoping to catch a criminal or to deter future criminals? Make sure that the way that you use your CCTV reflects your purpose. You should never install one simply to spy on your neighbors or your customers.

2. Point Your Camera in the Right Direction

When installing your CCTV, be careful that it only covers the area you need it to without covering areas that you don’t. For example, a camera that covers your yard is fine, but a camera that looks over your yard and into your neighbors’ windows is an invasion of their privacy. Keep CCTVs out of areas such as bathrooms and changing rooms as well.

3. Use the Feed Appropriately

Monitoring a feed to catch a criminal or to respond appropriately in a crisis situation is a fantastic use of a CCTV feed. Unfortunately, however, that is not all they are used for. Feeds should never be used to track the average citizen, to collect sensitive information about them or to spy on them as they go about their day-to-day activities.

4. Let People Know They are on Camera

While it isn’t required by law, it can be very helpful to let people know that they are on camera. Not only can this help deter criminals, but it will help you avoid legal issues concerning privacy as well. A simple sign or a conspicuous camera should be enough.

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