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Five Ways Electronic Gym Access Controls Can Benefit Your Business

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How many times have the people manning the front desk of your gym gotten overwhelmed because people are coming in faster than they can check them in to the system? How many times have your front desk people simply sat at the desk with nothing to do but wait or someone to walk in? While having someone manning the front desk does work, it is incredibly inefficient. Here are five ways electronic gym access controls can benefit your business.

Access Control For Gyms


1. Greater Access for Gym Members

Your gym members don’t want to wait in a long line to use the gym, and they don’t want to be restricted to certain hours because your staff has to go home. With gym access controls, they can easily and quickly come and go as they please.

2. Reduced Overhead

Paying someone to man the desk costs money. When you use gym access controls instead, you free up those dollars and hours for other, more important tasks and projects.

3. Tighter Security

Not everyone who comes into a gym should be there. Deter loiters and troublemakers with gym access controls. New paying customers can still come in to ask questions and take a tour during the day, but people who haven’t already paid will be denied access at night. This provides greater security for your paying customers.

4. Up-to-Date Payment Information

Your guests want to know when their next payment is due, but you don’t want to risk being rude by reminding them. With gym access controls, the computer can alert guests of upcoming payment deadlines and restrict access for guests who are behind on payments so you don’t have to.

5. Detailed Analytics

By analyzing when and how people are and are not using your gym, you can optimize your gym hours, equipment and procedures. Maybe you have a large morning crowd or your gym attracts mostly males in their late twenties. Having this information from your gym access controls system will help you market more effectively.

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