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Five Surveillance Camera Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

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Each year, the surveillance camera industry finds more and more ways to improve the people’s safety, security and peace of mind with new and improved features and trends. This year is no exception. Here are five surveillance camera trends to watch out for in 2014.

Growing Surveillance Camera Trends


1. Greater Integration

Today’s technology doesn’t just work for the consumer; it also works in conjunction with other pieces of technology as well. While CCTV, access and intruder controls have all worked together for a while now, consumers can now expect to see a rise in software developer kits connecting the three components together.

2. Increased Mobile Accessibility 

Smart phone users are using their phones for everything these days, including to monitor their surveillance cameras. No longer do business owners need a central surveillance camera command station; they can view their feed from wherever they are. As mobile use becomes increasingly common, expect to see more mobile apps being developed and launched.

3. Increased Use of IP Video

Say goodbye to the coaxial cable-connected analog surveillance cameras of yesterday. Today’s surveillance cameras use IP Video, which provides better quality video, greater accessibility and reduced costs. Plus, IP video is not a closed system, which allows for greater integration.

4. Improved Ease of Use

Surveillance cameras aren’t limited to large companies with IT departments; their use is now wider than ever. As a result, they are now easier to use than ever, despite all of the new and impressive features they offer. This is a relief for those business owners who need the security without the hassle.

5. Reduced Costs

As surveillance cameras become more popular and the technology continues to develop, the prices continue to go down. While the nicest models are still pretty pricey, individuals who want a simple surveillance camera model can find one for a very reasonable price.

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