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Five Surveillance Camera Mistake That Put Your Company at Risk

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Setting up a security system isn’t as simple as just putting up a surveillance camera and calling it a day. If you want a security system that works hard to keep you, your company and your employees safe, you need to be careful to avoid these five security camera mistakes.

Surveillance Camera Mistakes You Might Be Making


1. Forgetting to Turn the Surveillance Camera On

You undoubtedly remembered to turn the surveillance camera on when you first had it installed, but have you checked it since then? Surveillance cameras can go off during a thunderstorm or power outage, and if you don’t check them, you may never realize they’ve been off the entire time.

2. Not Recording the Feed

If you have limited storage capacity for your surveillance camera feed, are you checking regularly to make sure that you haven’t met your capacity and that your cameras are still recording? If a criminal act is committed on your property, but you don’t have proof because your camera wasn’t recording, there is little you can do about it.

3. Settling for a Cheap Surveillance Camera

Not all cameras are created equal. If you settle for a cheap camera with a grainy picture and no functionality, you may be sorry later when it stops working or when you cannot make out what you are seeing on the feed.

4. Not Knowing How to Work the Surveillance Camera

If your business’s security cameras came with the building when you bought it, did you take the time to learn how to use them? Simply having them up isn’t always enough to deter criminals. You also need to know how to use them as well.

5. Not Checking the Feeds Regularly

While watching the surveillance camera feeds is a great way to catch the criminal when you already know a crime has been committed, there are times when you won’t know about the crime unless you first see it on the feed. Monitor the feeds regularly to find important information you’d otherwise miss.

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