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Five Security Risks that are Putting Your Company in Jeopardy

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Thieves, vandals and criminals in your area are looking to make a quick buck at others’ expense. Is your company an easy target? Learn the biggest security risks to your company, and then take the steps needed to deter criminals who might be looking to make a quick buck off of you.

Fight These Security Risks


Risk #1: Entrances and Exits

Believe it or not, many burglars will walk right in through the front or back door. Deter them by placing cameras for security systems by all entrances and exits and locking doors that no one should be using. Placing a security guard or greeter at the door can help as well.

Risk #2: Secluded and Unmonitored Areas Inside Your Business

Once burglars and vandals make it inside, they prefer to go unnoticed. They may quickly scuttle through a rarely used hallway or they may hide behind tall racks of merchandise. Place cameras for your security systems strategically, so there is nowhere to hide.

Risk #3: Exterior Windows

A single brick or rock is all it takes for a criminal to get into your building at night after you have gone home. Use security systems with lights and cameras to deter criminal activity. Keep the tall landscaping minimal and include bushes with thorns so criminals have no place to hide.

Risk #4: Parking Garages

Parking garages without security systems are the perfect place for thieves to commit their crimes. Use security systems in your parking garages and post signs letting everyone know that you do. If you have an issue with criminal activity, you may even place a security officer in the garage as well.

Risk #5: The Internet

Not all criminal activity takes place against your company’s physical property. Thieves and criminals can also hack into your system, gain your company’s information and cause all sorts of trouble. Be sure you encrypt all information, use only secure servers, and limit employee access on a need-to-know basis. These security systems can dramatically increase your company’s security.

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