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Five Reasons You Need an Access Control System for Your Club House

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If you own an exclusive gym, pool or club house, how do you allow members access while denying entry to non-members? If you still have a person manning the entry way, you might want to consider upgrading to a access control system instead. Here are five reasons you need an access control system for your club house.

Benefits of Access Control Systems for Club Houses


1. Members Could Use Your Facilities at Any Time

With an access control system, members of your clubhouse can enjoy longer access to your facilities. They aren’t limited to your business hours, when they may be busy with work, school or other commitments. Instead, they can come whenever it is most convenient for them.

2. You Wouldn’t Need Staff at All Hours

While having staff on hand is usually beneficial, your business will benefit even more from the flexibility that an access control system will provide. With an access control system, you don’t have to have staff on hand at all times. Reduce your staffed hours or reassign your staff to other, more pressing, tasks as needed.

3. You Can Keep a Record of Who is Coming and Going

There are times when it might be beneficial to know who uses your clubhouse and when. Not only can this information help in legal proceedings, but it can help your marketing efforts as well. Using an access control system will give you this information and more.

4. Members Would Benefit from Improved Security

With an access control system, people would not be able to just walk right in off of the streets. This would improve member security and peace of mind, especially if there have been problems in the past.

5. Admittance Rejections Could Be Automated

Lastly, no one wants to have to deny past members access to a clubhouse because they have not paid their dues on time. With an access control system, you can let the computer do the dirty work. Each member’s access key will simply stop working once they are behind on payments.

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