Five Critical Technologies For Healthcare

 In Smart Buildings

Healthcare is continually evolving and that also includes security measures. From unlimited access in previous years hospitals are now taking both patient and staff safety very seriously.

Technology has become a critical component of any facilitys security plan and hospitals and other healthcare centers are no exception.


Video surveillance protects both patients and hospital staff.

The Top Five Security Assets


For Healthcare:

Video Surveillance-video can be used to protect both people and the hospital itself. Real-time and recorded footage can keep patients, visitors and hospital staff more secure while also protecting the facility from any liability or neglect issues.

Child Protection and Wander Management-an integrated program of wrist or leg bands along with entry/exit control can help prevent infant abductions as well as keep Alzheimer or dementia patients from entering or exiting unsafe areas of the facility.

Mass Notification-the ability to notify security as well as healthcare staff simultaneously can help with any incidents that require them to work together. It can facilitate evacuations, lock-downs or other issues.

Access Control Systems-this allows a facility to control who has access to certain areas of the building. It keeps patients safe as well as hospital data and other proprietary assets.

Fire Prevention and Notification-an integrated system is vital in case of fire in any facility but can be especially critical in healthcare when patient care means payday loans limited mobility. Assessing any potential fire situation may eliminate the need for mass evacuations.

ACS Smart Buildings can assist healthcare and hospital facilities with all of the above systems. We can assess the needs of staff, facility and technology to get any building fit and ready for any incident that may interfere with smooth operation.

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