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Five Benefits of Building Management Systems for Franchise Businesses

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As a franchise business owner, you get a lot of benefit from being able to use the name of a well-known brand. This doesn’t mean you don’t still have to find and implement ways to help your business move ahead, however. A building management system is one great way to improve your company’s processes and save yourself time, money and hassle. Here are five great benefits a building management system can offer you.

How Building Management Systems Help Franchise Businesses


1. A Consistent Experience

When you share a name with a large national chain, your customers have certain expectations for the type of experience they will have with your business. Keep your customers’ experiences consistent with their expectations with a building management system.

2. Energy Efficiency

No matter how hard they try, humans are bound to forget to turn the lights off, lock the doors or turn the heat down on occasion. Improve your building’s energy efficiency and reduce the chance of human error with a building management system.

3. Safer Employee Access

Franchises tend to have a high turn-over rate, which leaves them at a higher risk for disgruntled employees or lost employee access cards and codes. With a building management system, you can assign employee access cards, which can be deactivated when employees quit or are let go or when the cards are lost or stolen.

4. Mobile Status Alerts

As a franchise business owner, you have too many things to do and places to be to just sit in your store and monitor how everything is going. With a building management system, however, you can get mobile status alerts so no matter where you are, you can stay connected.

5. Reduced Costs

One of the biggest benefits of a building management system is the fact that it can save you in operating costs. When everything runs on one pre-programmed system, it uses less energy, saving you more money. Just set it and enjoy the savings.

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