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Five Benefits Building Management Systems Offer Retailers

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In an effort to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and take better care of the Earth’s limited natural resources, many business owners are turning to building management systems to help them run their buildings. These systems consist of both hardware and software that control the entire building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, and they offer retailers many benefits.

5 Ways A Building Management System Can Help Your Retail Business


1. Reduced Operating Costs

By controlling all of their lighting, ventilation, fire systems, power systems and security systems with one centralized management system, retailers can see significant savings–as much as 15 percent. While building management systems may be costly upfront, they usually pay for themselves within five to twelve years, saving retailers significant amounts of money after that.

2. Greater Energy Efficiency

Another huge benefit that building management systems offer is greater energy efficiency. When retailers connect all of the energy-using systems together, instead of operating them all separately, the system uses significantly less energy to get the same jobs done.

3. Energy Monitoring

In addition to naturally decreasing a building’s energy usage, many building management systems also allow retailers to monitor their energy usage across multiple stores or even to compare their energy usage to other stores’. This allows retailers to identify and eliminate areas of waste, streamlining their energy use and saving themselves energy and money.

4. Central or Remote Control

Building management systems aren’t just good for the bank account; they are also more convenient and user-friendly. In a large building with multiple stores, each individual store can have it’s own unique temperature and lighting settings. Plus, store and shopping center owners can control the system either manually or by remote.

5. Increased Resale Value and Marketability

If it ever becomes time to sell, building management systems still offer retailers a great advantage as the systems generally make the buildings more valuable and marketable. This results in a faster sale and a more profitable sale for the retailer once he is ready to move on.

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