Acs Smart Buildings

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Energy Management Systems | Building Automation

Many organizations are seeking new ways to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Businesses committed to efficiency and “cleaner” ways of operating are more reputable and also more financially responsible than their counterparts. Building automation systems work as energy management systems, because they use technology to ensure that your building is using energy as efficiently as it can. ACS specializes in smart buildings designed to conserve energy and improve the function of your buildings.

HVAC | Building Automation

In addition to installing the most energy-efficient HVAC systems for our clients, ACS integrates HVAC controls into building automation systems to increase efficiency, therefore saving you money. Smart buildings automation work as energy management systems because they are able to adjust the temperature settings automatically in a way that will ensure comfort while saving money. Some of the ways our clients save money and energy include:

  • Presets – Automatically adjust the temperature for the morning, during the workday, throughout the evening, and over the weekends.
  • Occupancy settings – regulate the temperature based on the number of occupants in the building.
  • Airflow – monitors the pressure, humidity, and indoor air take, and adjusts to maintain comfort and lower HVAC use.

Light Control | Building Automation

Don’t waste another cent on lights left on overnight. Building automation systems are designed to automatically adjust lighting based on room occupancy. Motion detectors can determine when to turn lights on and off, and when to dim the lights as rooms and hallways become unoccupied. Integrated energy management systems ensure that energy is put to the best and most efficient use.

Get Smart | Energy Management Systems

As new technologies continue to be developed to preserve the environment, more and more products are created to reduce our use of electricity. ACS is committed to staying on the forefront of this exciting new technology and dedicated to offering our clients all of the tools they need to become more “green”, and to save money.

To talk to one of our professionals and to learn more about our Energy Management Systems and Building Automation technology, contact us online or at (913) 248-8828 today.

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