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Energy Efficient Cities Possible with Smart & Green Building

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Smart buildings and green buildings can now seem pretty much synonymous with one another, green buildings are all about resource efficiency, life-cycle effects and building performance. Smart buildings are based on integrated building technology systems which means construction and operational efficiency as well as enhanced management and occupant functions. Is it possible to have a completely interconnected and energy efficient city?

Green Buildings

The focus of green building is finding sustainable sites for new buildings or transforming a building into something that will sustain. The biggest areas within the building that are central to a green building are water efficiency, energy, sustainable materials and resources, as well as indoor environmental quality which is what affects employees’ well-being. Added benefits to green building are the continuing innovation and design processes that are improving and adapting.

Smart Buildings

Creation of smart buildings has been mainly aimed towards security for data networks that contain information necessary for VOIP, video distribution, A/V systems and video surveillance. One central access control area manages everything from programmable lighting to every wireless system. Some building automation systems can even tie in Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal and Google Calendars, so the zones connected can be controlled based on the user’s desktop or mobile schedule.

Connecting Green and Smart Buildings

Optimizing energy performance is what it’s all about. We want LEED certified smart buildings. The points system that rewards the certifications gives up to 10 just based on an optimized HVAC/regulated internal system. One point is awarded for carbon dioxide monitoring and other permanent monitoring systems, measurement and verification of energy and water efficiency, additional commissioning (so your building has the ability to add on or improve efficiency with new industry standards), innovation of design, and controllability of systems. Most of these features are “standard” to smart buildings, so when done properly a basic smart building can have the minimum points for a LEED certification without any trouble.

The possibility of creating whole cities that are completely green and connected seems like a dream in the future. Focusing on automating and LEED certifying current buildings are the biggest challenges because many building owners cannot afford it, but the technology is enhancing and becoming more affordable everyday and it’s only a matter of time before it is the standard building.

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