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Eliminate Toxins Floating Through Your Home’s Air

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As the levels of air pollution and toxins rise around the world, so do the levels in your home. Reducing all of the pollutants and junk in the air might seem simple, clean your house, but there is a little more to it than that. Only a little though.

 Control Dust

Dust aggravates allergies and it can also contain a mix of toxins from anything that floats through the air, such as pesticides or burnt materials. Use a HEPA filter in your vacuum and make sure to vacuum carpets and furniture once a week; twice if you have outdoor animals that come inside. If you are very sensitive to air pollutants, ideally you don’t want carpet because it traps toxins. Change your heating and cooling air filters as recommended by the manufacturer as well.

Hazardous Toxins

Carbon monoxide, lead, radon, or other toxins can be present in pressed wood furniture, walls, ceilings, and improperly ventilated HVAC systems. call you HVAC service professional to make sure your ventilation is working properly and that there are no leaks. If you have small children, these kinds of toxins need to be immediately eliminated, as they can cause behavioral problems and retard brain development.


Avoid using any pesticides while gardening or treating your lawn. Not many brands use pesticides anymore because of the scientifically documented damage they can do to children, represented in a variety of health conditions — brain damage, asthma, and chronic migraines are just a few. There are plenty of ways to garden naturally, all you have to do is search. As side benefits of not using pesticides to kill your weeds, you won’t have to buy expensive sprays (you probably have some of what you need in the kitchen) and you help the entire environment surrounding you.

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