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Upgrade Your Elevator Landline

Traditional phone lines are disappearing rapid rates. Phone companies are discontinuing the technology, no longer servicing landlines, and no longer improving or upgrade these systems. If your life saving elevator phone is still communicating via landline we can upgrade your system quick, easy, and affordably. Cell phone communication for your system is not only more reliable but can save you hundreds on your monthly phone service costs. Cell communication is compliant with all regulations and codes. Our trained professionals can convert almost all systems making installation quick and affordable.

Why Upgrade your system?

An elevator phone line is a life saving feature of your elevator system. Ensuring you have your phone system is on safe, serviceable, and up to code with its communication system is paramount. Our elevator phone upgrades will ensure your communication system is running smooth with 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

Benefits to Upgrading Elevator Phone

Better Reporting and Monitoring

With daily reporting you will have the peace of mind knowing your phone system is working properly. With discontinued land lines and service you never know when your communication will all the sudden stop working.

Compliant With All Regulations

Your trained certified professionals will ensure your system is up to code for your municipalities. We will not only ensure your system is compliant after installation but will service your system to ensure it remains compliant.

Saves Money On Monthly Bills

Our affordable cell phone plans when compared to your land line monthly costs will put money back in your pocket on a monthly basis. With quick and affordable installation you will save money by switching.

More Reliable

Cell technology is amazing and only getting better. With new cell technology, constant improvements, and continual support cell phone communication is more reliable than landline communication.

How Does ACS Work?

We will identify your needs and conduct evaluations of your building to set you on the right path. Consulting on your needs always free of charge at ACS.

After thoroughly understanding your concerns and studying your facility, we will design a system that fits your individual needs. 

ACS will help train and prepare your staff to test and utilize the system which can ultimately save lives and protect your facilities. ACS will continue to be there to help you with your training needs as your staff grows and your needs change. 

Get In Touch

If you are interested in saving money monthly on your phone costs, wanted a better more reliable communication system, and want trained service professions to install your new system get in touch with us today.
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