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Does Your Business have a Fire Safety Plan?

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We all learned about the “stop, drop, and roll” fire safety method as children. While helpful, that childhood lesson is simply not enough preparation for the reality of a fire. Think about your business’s fire safety plan; is it enough to keep all the employees in the building safe? The reality is that many fire safety plans are lacking due to the fact that most of us tend to think that a fire will never happen in our workplace or in our home. One of the most important ways that you can protect your employees and business in case of a fire is to be prepared with an effective fire safety plan that everyone knows how to initiate.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Having an emergency evacuation plan is essential in case of a fire or any other emergency. Your plan should include clearing and labeling escape routes that all employees can remember. There should also be a plan for a meeting place once people have escaped the building, and a protocol for a headcount so identify any missing employees. You should also consider a plan for calling 911 and communicating with rescue teams. This all can be a lot to remember, which is why doing regular fire drills is also important.

Regular drills, every six months or so, help to adequately prepare everyone for what to do in an emergency, and to improve the speed and efficiency of evacuation times.  Each company needs a clear policy to help everyone understand the emergency protocols and specific responsibilities they have during an emergency situation, such as a fire. Also remember to provide fire safety training for all new employees if a regular fire drill is not planned within the month.

The Right Fire System

Whether a business is big or small, the right fire system will protect your employees and your business. Automated Control Systems designs state-of-the-art fire alarm systems to automate every part of the process of handling a building fire. This includes detecting the first signs of smoke, notifying emergency personnel, and evacuating the building. Fire panels, emergency push buttons, and smoke detectors all help to detect and report a fire, while emergency alarm systems notify everyone in the building to evacuate. Expert mass notification software can communicate with anyone from emergency personnel at the fire department, to building managers.

Automated Control Systems, located in Leawood, Kansas, provides expertise and smart building systems to improve the safety of buildings in Kansas City and beyond. Call today at (913) 248-8828 to learn more about the fire systems that could save your business and employees in an emergency.

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