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Does Endless New Tech Help Or Hinder Workplace Productivity?

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In September 2016, it was reported that workplace productivity had dropped in each of the last three quarters. This is the longest decline since 1979. Workplace productivity has been stagnant in major sectors every year since 2006 — could productivity be down because of new technologies?

Businesses Aren’t Using New Tech

Some economists believe that the drop is due to the lack of new, time-saving technologies because businesses use the same tech they were using in 1999. The majority have yet to tap into have smartphones, robots, etc. can improve workplace productivity, not necessarily due to lack of innovative thinking but, financial restraint.

Productivity Killers

The obvious productivity killers are social media and smartphone access. Another is workers dealing with the outdated technology and programs they need to complete their work. When workers aren’t required to log their time spent on tasks or are spending too long on tasks, these are signals that you should either reevaluate your company’s workforce or the equipment being used.

Think about this example: Police stations used typewriters to do their paperwork until a few years ago and, even now with all of this cheap technology, some are still using them.

It isn’t always as simple as getting the equipment or computer programs you need to run everything efficiently, it comes down to how the company needs to allocate resources.

Job Efficiency Due to Happiness

A study showed that happy workers were 12 percent more productive and unhappy ones were 10 percent less productive. Take a survey of your employees and ask what could be improved environmentally or ease their workload. Perhaps the answer is that employees are uncomfortable due to a bad A/C or heating system, didn’t feel safe, or weren’t getting enough sunlight and exercise. Almost all of these factors can be improved by installing an automated HVAC system to regulate light, air, and window shades. Encourage employees to take walks around the block to get blood flowing and fresh air.

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