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Debunking Sentient Technology Myths

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Artificial intelligence is often featured in movies as evil technology that takes control of the world. Reality is bound to be quite different as we look for more ways to incorporate smart technology into products and processes. However, it’s necessary to dispel myths regarding AI and smart technology.

Myth 1: The Purpose of AI Is to Make Thinking Machines

Any smart technology is only as good as its programming. A device or software is told by human engineers how to react in various situations. Programming can be updated. This means that the AI can learn through additional programming, which is not the same thing as independent thinking.

Myth 2: AI Won’t Be Bound by Human Ethics or Laws

While it’s true that laws must evolve as use of smart technology grows, there’s little reason to assume that AI won’t adhere to ethics. The reality is that smart technology can be programmed to operate within the bounds of laws and ethics. With the state of known smart technology, it is extremely unlikely that AI will transform into a conscious entity that could autonomously make unethical decisions.

Myth 3: Smart Technology and AI Will Become Uncontrollable

This is a favorite Hollywood theory, but there is little reason to put credence in this fear. Nonetheless, although Stephen Hawking does not believe that AI is likely to develop malicious inclinations, he is concerned about the competence of these machines, and what might happen if the machine’s goals and human aims do not align. This is why Hawking urges planning now for the future of smart technology.

Myth 4: AI Will Come with a Big Bang

AI is already here, and is used every day in telephone customer service centers and millions of other applications. Slow development will continue to be the reality for many decades.

Smart technology is becoming a vital aspect of communicative processes, and is already changing the world for good. To learn about our smart products and services, contact ACS in Leawood today.

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