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Creating an Effective Fire Safety Plan for Schools

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The subject of fire safety in schools is taken very seriously. That is why state-of-the-art alarm systems are installed in hallways and classrooms nationwide. It’s also why fire safety drills are created and practiced on a regular basis. It keeps the process of exiting the building in the event of an emergency fresh in the minds of the children who attend classes in the school.

Elements of a Good Fire Safety Plan

In order to remain in compliance to state and federal laws, fire safety in schools includes monthly fire drills while school is in session. Students are trained to recognize the sound of the alarm so they can prepare to exit the building. All staff including teachers and the school’s principal should thoroughly inspect exits including doors and stairways to make sure they work properly, are free from debris and clutter, and unlocked.

Maps in classrooms help direct children and teachers on the chosen exit strategy. It should have two ways out and exits should be clearly identified with flashing exit signs. Preparedness is one of the easiest ways to promote fire safety in schools.

Everyone in the entire school should participate in fire safety drills. This includes janitorial staff, teacher’s aides, and cafeteria workers. Part of fire safety in schools is making sure that everyone is prepared in the event of an emergency.

Students requiring extra assistance need to be assigned an adult or older student to help them exit the building safely during a fire drill or when the fire alarm has gone off. A drill can help identify additional students that need assistance and increase the effectiveness of plans for fire safety in schools.

Teachers and staff should receive an ‘all clear’ before students are permitted to return to their classrooms. In the event that a real fire breaks out and has been contained to one area, it’s imperative that no one enters the building until the threat has passed.

Fire drills are an important part of fire safety in schools but don’t have to be limited to academic settings. Children can take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it at home, too. By encouraging everyone in their family to take fire safety seriously, they’re able to reduce the risk of something tragic happening and feel security at home and school, too.

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