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Create a Quality Work Environment to Promote Heath and Productivity

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Creating a work environment that is conducive to health and well-being is not just a nice thing to do; it is also a great way to boost office moral, productivity and the quality of the work produced. Creating a quality work environment doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Just follow these six simple suggestions, and you’ll have a healthy and productive work environment in no time.


Healthy Work Environment Tip #1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Employees generally spend several hours a day in their work environment. They shouldn’t be forced to breathe stale air or air that is full of toxic chemicals. Make sure your building’s HVAC system receives regular maintenance and monitor your building’s carbon dioxide levels.

Healthy Work Environment Tip #2. Switch to Green Cleaners

According to reports from the United States Green Building Council, indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than outdoor air thanks to the harmful chemicals used in cleaners, among other sources. Switch to green or all-natural cleaning solutions instead.

Healthy Work Environment Tip #3. Give Employees Control over Their Environment

Letting employees adjust their lighting or sound, bring their own fans and open windows as needed are small measure that can make a huge difference in employee wellbeing. Not all employees are comfortable at the same temperature, and uncomfortable employees are not productive employees.

Healthy Work Environment Tip #4. Optimize Lighting Use

If you have lights in your work environment that are always on even though no one is around, you are wasting energy and money. Turn lights down or off on sunny days when they are not needed. Put lights in bathrooms and seldom used hallways on timers so they only turn on when needed. Install sky lights for natural lighting.

Healthy Work Environment Tip #5. Make Healthy Choices Easier

Many employees adopt unhealthy habits because they feel as though they don’t have time to make healthier choices. Make healthy choices easy. Stock vending machines with healthier alternatives, provide working water fountains with cold water and provide nice landscaping with a walking track to encourage employee fitness.

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