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Could Your Business Benefit From An Access Control System?

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Are you still relying on keys to give your employees access to your business? Maybe it is time to consider installing an access control system. It is the smart way to control just who can enter your building, where they can enter and even when they can enter. It is a card access system that allows employees entrance to your building without the use of a physical key. They employ magnetic strips on the cards to grant access and each keycard can be programmed with specific restrictions.

Ask yourself these questions:

An access control system would solve all of the above issues and more. It allows a business owner to monitor and restrict just who is in the building and is easily controlled from a central location. It avoids having to re-key locks when a key is lost or an employee leaves (or is terminated) but doesn’t turn in their keys. Cards can be programmed to allow access to only specific areas, grant access to certain doors or elevators and keep vital and proprietary information safe and secure. From school buildings to hospitals and even hotels, many industries rely on access control to keep building occupants and confidential data safe.

ACS offers many access control products and can seamlessly integrate them into your processes. We’ve installed access control for organizations with a single building and enterprise-wide campuses that need hundreds of buildings secure. Our reliable, dependable technologies make us a preferred integrator of access control in Kansas City. Every business has assets to protect so don’t leave them vulnerable. Consider an access control system to grant you and your business a little peace of mind.

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