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Commercial & Enterprise Security Systems

Commercial security systems go beyond securing the outside of buildings; they also must account for the information exchanges occurring within them. Commercial enterprised need all-encompassing building management and security systems to help them run efficiently and securely. ACS offers many services and products suited for clients who require commercial and enterprise-wide building management systems. Our team is experienced at working with IT departments in an effort to implement cost-effective solutions that will get your security systems running on your network, all while protecting important confidential data. We also know how to implement a streamlined approach to monitoring multiple locations with integrated building management systems.

Call ACS at (913) 248-8828 for enterprise-wide building management and commercial security systems.

Commercial Building Management Systems

All ACS enterprise and commercial clients are encouraged to make buildings smarter by implementing building automation tools and commercial security systems. ACS can design a building management system that allows you to control multiple campuses and buildings with many floors through a single location. In large enterprises, many systems are going in and out of the building at all times. We can supply the only building management system you will need to create consistencies across the board when it comes to temperature, lighting, and energy management of all buildings.

Commercial Energy Management

Enterprise and commercial clients are the leaders in business and innovation. It’s only fitting for these leaders to also be setting the standard for energy management. Buildings that run on automation conserve energy. Many buildings within a commercial or enterprise organization have unused rooms. Our smart building energy management systems help to reduce energy use by using sensors that allow heating, cooling, and lighting systems to shut off when not in use.

HVAC Services

Controlling temperatures in a large building can be a challenge. You need to make sure you have the right settings  for the right conditions. ACS works with enterprise and commercial clients to uncomplicate this process, installing and maintaining the right HVAC system for each building’s needs. Some clients need certain rooms regulated differently depending on the use of the space. Production plants may need areas to be cooler or clean rooms, labs may require warmer temperatures or humidity regulation. ACS can design a system with temperature-controlled zones and ensure that it’s implemented correctly. When a building management system runs on automation, it doesn’t only keep the building comfortable but it creates a large area for cost savings.

Even if ACS did not install your current system, our team can provide maintenance and service for you. We are trained to work on any HVAC system within a commercial or enterprise building. We can run heat loss/gain calculations, repair any HVAC unit and design a new installation. To avoid costly situations, we also offer a worry-free solution for our clients. This monthly maintenance plan lets clients receive regular HVAC service that finances any upgrades, repairs, or installations that may be required in the future.

Learn more about worry-free/global solutions.

Video Surveillance Commercial Security Systems

Video access allows you to have a 360-degree view of your building at all times. Many clients request video surveillance in employee common areas, production areas, warehouses, and parking lots. Video surveillance keeps your building safe by deterring theft and keeping record of all activity that occurs on your premises. Video also keeps employees and visitors safe through 24/7 monitoring. ACS can install and set up your video system to be fed back to your central monitoring area and accessed on the go.

Access Control Commercial Security Systems

With the amount of people going in and out of your buildings, access control is imperative for your building’s safety. Make your building smarter by integrating access control software. Your building will know who to allow in, where they can go and at what time.

We work with clients to set up a sophisticated badging system to meet unique company needs. Our software will easily determine who can enter certain doors, floors, elevators, storage areas, shipping facilities and file rooms. You can even identify people groups with the software. For example, the production team on first shift can all be identified as a group and given uniformed access into the building. This management system saves a great amount of time when the process is streamlined. You can create unique one-time settings based on holidays or other situations that require lockdown. Access control cards can also save money by eliminating the need to issue keys and re-key doors.

Enterprise and commercial clients who have a gate also enjoy access control features. ACS can install commercial security systems on gates that work with a building’s access control cards. The same card that opens the gate can open the door and filing room, too.

Fire Security Systems

If there is a fire in your building, you need a reliable fire system and evacuation plan — not to worry, though. Our comprehensive building management system can help. ACS can help you know how to best evacuate a large amount of people in a short amount of time in the event of a fire emergency. We supply all of the tools you need to detect a fire and alert the building and emergency departments. We can consult you on evacuation plans and supply you with fire doors, alarms, and other tools to keep the problem contained in a smaller area until help arrives.

ACS also performs yearly fire system inspections. Let us help you avoid crisis situations that could leave people stranded and endanger lives by ensuring your fire and security systems and evacuation plans are sufficient and in working order.

Commercial Security Systems

Employee theft is a serious concern for businesses. According to a 2010 study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), “the median loss caused by occupational fraud was $160,000, with nearly one-quarter of the frauds involving losses of at least $1 million.” ACS can help you reduce theft and put building management systems in place that protect your company assets from those inside … and out. In addition to preventing employee theft, we can also equip your receptionist with a panic button and secure building areas to prevent questionable intruders from entering or stealing from your business.

Intercom Security Systems

Intercom systems in a commercial or enterprise building work to make your building smarter. Paging systems can be installed to locate someone throughout the building or give a widespread announcement to everyone at the same time. ACS also installs intercom systems that help exterior buildings communicate with the main building. Guard shacks and receptionists use intercoms to authorize visitors before granting them entrance to the premises.

Mass Notification Commercial Security Systems

Facilities managers of enterprise organizations have multiple buildings to maintain and upkeep. Building management systems allow managers to keep up with all buildings through an easy portal that can be accessed at all times. When you cannot be in more than one place at one time, mass notification building management systems will let you access the information you need to make decisions anywhere.

Employee Time Tracking

If your employees must clock in and clock out, let ACS install a sophisticated time tracking system. This helps monitor and manage employees’ hours. All of these systems may also be integrated with building management system software to make your building a smart building.

Structured Cabling

Make sure your building’s network is running properly and efficiently. Cable can be expensive and the last thing you want is for it to be installed incorrectly and/or inefficiently. ACS has decades of experience in laying cable and can run all cabling in your building. We have installed cable for phones, access control, video, Internet, and more. Trust our team with your network.

Is your business ready to make the transition to an all-inclusive building management system? Call (913) 248-8828 to learn more about our state-of-the-art building management and commercial security systems. 

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