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Colleges & Universities | Building Management Systems

Institutions of higher education should be setting an example for students to follow. Campuses that integrate the latest technology products introduce students to effective and progressive solutions to the problems university campuses face today. The hallowing reports from Virginia Tech, and other universities that have fallen victim to such vicious attacks, remind us all of the extreme importance of campus security. When campus buildings and dorms become smart buildings, students and faculty alike become safer, and the university can function more efficiently. Campus building management systems conserve important university funds, keep the campus safe, and utilize top-notch communication tools.

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Building Management Systems | Campus Security

Your students aren’t the only factor in having a “smart” campus. ACS works with manyuniversities to make their buildings and dorms smarter and to improve campus security. Each building on campus must be effectively monitored and maintained. Likewise, each constituent of the university must receive proper communication. Campus building management systems can be programmed to run seamlessly and efficiently from the lecture halls to the dorms. HVAC units, automated lighting, automatic shades and other features can be streamlined and managed through a central location, making your university the most efficient it can be.

Energy Management

Federal and state legislation continue changing the landscape of higher learning as tax cuts and budget changes impact funds reserved for colleges and universities. Now more than ever, college campuses are looking for ways to conserve energy, and save money to protect the future of their students. Building management systems by ACS are designed to use energy only as needed – eliminating wasteful energy use and cutting down expenses.

HVAC Services

Providing a comfortable space for students and faculty to learn, work, and sleep is important. ACS can install, maintain, and repair all of your HVAC units in the dorms and campus buildings. Our team will assist you in installing and maintaining the right equipment that will allow you to keep common areas, classrooms, and dorm rooms at a comfortable, consistent temperature. Plus, when your HVAC system is synced with the building management system, all units can be managed easily and efficiently through a central location.


Video Surveillance | Campus Security

Reliable video surveillance systems are essential for campus security. Video cameras that record who enters and exits dorm rooms, buildings around campus, and parking lots provide a crucial level of security. Cameras may also help protect confidential files and equipment depending on the types of programs and tests performed on campus. ACS works with many higher education clients to integrate video surveillance into their campus security programs. In the event of an incident or emergency that requires immediate attention, footage may be monitored from anywhere, giving you complete access to your building management system even if you’re across campus.

Access Control |Campus Security

Your entire campus will be smarter if you implement access control. When you have a simple way to say who can go where, and when they can go there – it improves campus security and keeps your students safe. Access control is used for dorms to allow residents to enter when doors are locked. Students may also use their cards to enter campus buildings and other locked areas. Access control cards have a huge advantage over traditional keys, as they may be disabled and re-issued to students, cutting out the cost of re-keying locks and the risk of security threats. Access control software allows you to track cards and run reports. ACS can supply you with everything you need to integrate access control around your college or university.


Fire Systems | Campus Security

Public buildings are required to have their fire systems inspected every year. ACS can perform these routine inspections for each building within your college and university. Our building automation system services make it easy to check emergency fire pulls, fire doors, notification systems, and sprinkler systems to ensure the buildings are up to code and set to keep your students safe in the event of a fire emergency on campus or in student housing.


Burglar Systems | Campus Security

Avoid the unimaginable by having ACS equip your buildings and dorms with proper burglar systems to heighten campus security. Although many buildings within a college or university are accessed multiple times throughout the day and night, it’s still critical to have proper alarm systems in place in the case that intruders attempt to break in. Reliable alarm systems around campus deter students or outsiders from creating tragic incidents and plots. Alarms also offer important university studies and experiments a higher lever of protection from intellectual theft.


Intercoms | Campus Security

An intercom can help to quickly communicate one message to all residents and visitors of a dorm at the same time. ACS installs intercom systems that heighten campus security. Intercoms may also be used when an individual without access needs into a locked building – the desk clerk can remotely unlock the door.


Mass Notification | Campus Security

Campus security must involve a strategy for emergency mass notification. Students and faculty must be properly alerted in the event of a fire, tornado or unexpected and potentially dangerous event. ACS provides building management system solutions for colleges who need consultation or products for mass notification.


Structured Cabling

To get your alarms and access control properly connected to the building management system, ACS can run the wiring you need for your dorm rooms to be connected into the campus network. We can wire your housing, classrooms, and offices so that your phones, computers, and other technology products work without any problem.


ACS is dedicated to improving the safety and function of colleges and universities. For more information about how our building management systems can improve campus security, contact us online or call (913) 248-8828.

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