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Carnegie Hall: LEEDing the Way for Energy-Efficient Buildings

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A Smarter Carnegie Hall

The legendary Carnegie Hall of New York City recently achieved LEED Silver certification for its newly remodeled energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious design. The goal of this renovation project was to make the concert hall more energy-efficient, safe and secure to ensure a continuing successful future for the historic building. The choice to add smart building and building automation features to modernize the music hall is one the building’s directors certainly will not regret, especially as the changes have already helped Carnegie Hall to become more energy-efficient and to receive an impressive LEED certification.

Achieving a LEED Silver Certification

Carnegie Hall’s Studio Towers Renovation Project began as an infrastructure upgrade for two 19th century towers at the top of the concert hall. The project also oversaw the addition of Resnick Education Wing on the concert hall’s upper levels, and a renovation of its backstage. Rather than simply conduction a standard renovation, the building’s directors took the opportunity to become an example of sustainable design in New York City. The end result? An inspiring example of how to thoughtfully update a historic building.

The concert hall’s LEED Silver certification came as result of these noble efforts. The building’s new 10,000-square-foot Weill Roof Terrace features reflective pavers and plants that help reduce the building’s heat island effect, which is a common problem in large cities like New York. The Hall already had an impressive 450 original windows, which made it easy to maximize natural light.

Carnegie’s New Smart Building Features

  • Centralized system control: Carnegie Hall’s new building automation system integrates all building systems into an automated system. The heating, venting, and air conditioning controls are now on one streamlined platform that building managers can control both locally or remotely. The system also analyzes the building’s electricity usage to manage and improve the building’s overall energy performance. LED light bulbs and occupancy sensors further work to make the building more energy-efficient.
  • Safety systems: A state-of-the-art fire alarm system now ensures the safety of all who enter the building. If the system detects a fire, emergency control operations instantly alerted and engaged. This includes a fire door closure, elevator capture, and other critical fire safety functions.
  • Improved security: The Hall’s improved access control system provides a comprehensive security system to ensure that only the right people have access to certain parts of the building at certain times. Security is crucial for the concert hall, as it has many different access points and levels of clearance for staff, students, and performers.

A Smart Building for the Future

The smart building automation experts at ACS in Kansas City can help you find a smart solution for your building to make it more energy-efficient and secure. Call us today at (913) 248-8828 for more information.

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