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Can this Smart Building Gadget End Office Temperature Wars?

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We’ve all been there: you’re burning up while the person the next desk over is pulling on a sweater. People come in all shapes and sizes, and those differences cause us to feel different levels of comfort at the same temperature. When you work in a big office, it seems impossible to find a temperature to please everyone. But what if smart building technology held the key? A smart app claims to resolve the classic office temperature war.

Smart Building Technology Saves the Workday?

Building Robotics, based in Oakland, launched this potentially revolutionary app, which is comfortingly called Comfy. The goal of the app is to put temperature control into the hands of individual employees. Comfy can easily be connected by Ethernet to a building’s HVAC system, making installation easy and convenient. Employees can log on to the app on computers or smartphones, pinpoint their location within the building using Apple’s iBeacon technology, and adjust the temperature accordingly. Comfy will redirect streams of air according to each user’s preference. This means you can stop wearing a winter coat in the office while the person next to you is rolling up his sleeves.

Saving Energy

The app can even learn the various employees’ preferences throughout the office and adjust the temperature automatically. This type of technology will streamline perfectly with an automated HVAC system, as the HVAC system works to reduce energy use by learning the temperature preferences of a building’s occupants. An HVAC system from ACS Smart Buildings reduces energy use by automatically adjusting temperatures according to room occupancy and time of day. Combined with the help of an automated HVAC smart building system, the Comfy app could help save your business a lot of money on energy bills.

Smart Building Solutions

Every smart business owner knows that increased employee productivity and savings on energy bills can only help a business. Finding ways to make the workplace more comfortable for employees is a great step towards increased productivity–no one can do their best work in a freezing cold or burning hot office. An automated HVAC system, paired with a smart building management system, will make any office more comfortable and efficient. As an added bonus, building automation systems make buildings more energy-efficient, which means that they will help reduce energy costs and save you money. ACS Smart Buildings provides state-of-the-art building automation and smart building technologies. Call us today in the Kansas City area at 888-265-2773 to learn more.

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